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Direct Mail Services

Are you trying to promote your business or an event? You're trying to reach to new customers? Or are you trying to retain your current customers. We design, print, mail, and deliver to the postal office all for you! So convenient to grow your customer base and increase your sales! direct mail marketing


What is Direct Mail or Bulk Mail?

Direct mail or bulk mail is mailing a print product (postcards, flyers, brochures, catalogs, newsletters, etc.) to a large group of potential clients or customers.  The US Postal Office (USPS) gives discounted postal rates for presorted and automated mail, at least 200 or more pieces mailed at one time. 

Direct Mail is used to:

  • Promote new products or services, contests, and giveaways
  • Announce special events, grand openings, and awards
  • Send coupons, promotions, and special offers
  • Share articles, tips, and advertisements

If you mail 200 pieces or more, you can potentially save money and get a discounted rate on postage.  With our professional expertise, we can setup your mailers to meet the postal requirements to take advantage of the discount through automation and presorting.

We offer direct mail services, including:

  • providing residential and business mailing lists
  • professional graphic design
  • printing postcards, flyers, brochures, newsletters, catalogs, and more
  • imprinting mailing addresses and bar codes directly on the mailing pieces (to help you save on postage)
  • delivering mailing pieces to the postal office

We are now offering two types of direct mail

Direct Mail or Bulk Mail
Every Door Direct Mail (new)
  • Can send your message to a targeted mailing list (by residential, business, consumer, location, type of business, income, age, ethnicity, and more) to better target your market
  • Can go to local post office and mail pieces anywhere in the U.S.
  • Can mail to specific people and businesses that are not close to or in the same carrier route as one another (good for sending to a customer mailing list)

  • Don’t need to purchase a mailing list (no need for names and street addresses)
  • Can target your message by geography (zip code, radius around a specific address, county, state)
  • Save on printing costs (printing addresses or address labels)
  • Lower costs
  • Must purchase or compile a mailing list
  • Higher Cost
  • Must be delivered or shipped to the post office that covers the area you want to reach (the destination of the mailers)
  • All destinations of the mailers must be on the same carrier route
 More about Direct Mail / Bulk Mail
 More about Every Door Direct Mail

Why do direct mail with us?

  • Save Time:  
    You can get design, print, and mail all in one place.  No need to waste time going to different places and explaining things over and over again.  Right after we print your order, we deliver it directly to the post office for you.  You can share your promotions and advertisements to your customers and prospects even faster.

  • Save Money:  
    You can get discounts on your postage and save money when you send over 200 pieces.  We have a bulk mailing rate used exclusively for our customers, and we presort your mail and prepare it according to USPS standards to lower the postage prices for you.

  • Invest in something that gives back:
    U.S. advertisers spend $167 per person in direct mail marketing to earn $2,095 worth of goods per person, scoring a return on investment of 13 to 1 (Direct Marketing Association)

  • Gain exposure:
    81% of households say they read or scan their mail daily (2010 Household Diary Study)

  • Increase sales:  
    Print is a trusted and credible advertising medium. 67% of respondents like getting mail about new products from companies they do business with (Rochester Institute of Technology Printing Center). Online consumers who received a printed catalog from any given retailer were nearly twice as likely to make an online purchase (ComScore survey based on 6,400 responses from online shoppers).  Determining the primary channel for generating orders online, 60% came from printed catalogs, 24% were inspired by retail settings and only 9% arrived via internet (Direct Marketing Association, 2005).

  • Measure Your Investment:
    With a promotion code or “bring in to redeem” coupon or specific phone number to ask for more details, any advertiser can see how effective direct mailing is on sales. Track numbers and analyze results to see how effective direct mailing is on your business and how it can be improved in the future.

  • Target Those More Likely to Buy:
    Mailing lists allow companies to target an audience that is more likely to buy. Demographics can include a local geographical area, income level, profession, etc. that is more likely to respond to your offers and news, giving your marketing investment more a bigger return (“more bang for your buck”).

  • Portable and Tangible Message:
    With an attractive design and appealing message, people want to keep your postcards, brochures, flyers, and catalogs, share them with friends and family, and save them in their purse or refrigerator. Additional stickers, coupons, magnets, and other promotional items also keep you in their minds.

Get Started on Promoting Your Business


Get a Targeted Mailing List
  • Options:  Compile a mailing list or purchase a mailing list
  • File formats accepted include .xsl, .xsls, .csv
  • Must include name (first and last) or company name, address, city, state, zip code
  • Mailing lists include residential, consumer, or business mailing lists.  You can also specify by location, type of business, income, age, ethnicity, and more to better target your market.
Design your Mailer
You want to have an eye-catching piece that is easy to read and has a call to action.  Promotions and discounts are also enticing.
  • Options:  Hire a professional graphic designer, ask a friend, or design your own file
  • File should meet automation mailing requirements to save on postage (white space to imprint address and barcodes, use our permit number)
  • File must meet correct requirements for printing (include bleeds, CMYK color mode, etc.)

We can print postcards, catalogs, newsletters, brochures, flyers, and menus to mail and recommend sizes that fit in the postal automation requirements (for more details, see USPS website here).
  • Must send at least 200 pieces to qualify for standard mail (at least 500 for first-class mail)
Additional Finishing Options
  • Printing mailing addresses on sides with high-gloss UV coating is not possible.  If you'd like the mailing addresses printed directly on the printed piece, then avoid using high-gloss UV coating on that side.
  • Some folded pieces or loose pieces may require wafer seals (circular labels to close the piece) so that it can run through the automation machine without opening or jamming the machine.

Mailing Services
By meeting the postal requirements for presorting and automation, we save you money on postage as well as time.
  • Processing 1 mailing list ($25 for each additional mailing list file)
  • Presort addresses in mailing list
  • Print addresses and bar codes directly on printed pieces or on labels
  • C.A.S.S. Certification (Coding Accuracy Support System)
  • Remove duplicate addresses
  • Bundle or package printed pieces as required by the post office
  • Prepare paperwork for the post office
  • Delivery to the post office


4" x 6" Postcards: Card Stock (14pt C2S), Full Color 2 Sides

4" x 6" Postcard Printing
+Mailing Services
 =Combined Print & Mail Price
First Class Postage
 250 $79.00 +$75.00
 500 $90.00 +$85.00
= $175.00 $145.00
 1,000 $103.00 + $105.00= $208.00 $290.00
 2,000 $153.00 + $145.00=
 $298.00 $580.00
 2,500 $163.00 + $165.00= $328.00 $725.00
 5,000 $237.00 + $265.00= $502.00 $1450.00
 10,000 $362.00 + $465.00= $859.00 $2900.00

5" x 7" Postcards:
Card Stock (14pt C2S), Full Color 2 Sides
5" x 7" Postcard Printing
Full Color Both Sides
+Mailing Services
 =Combined Print & Mail Price
Standard Postage
 + $75.00=$201.00
 500 $137.00 + $85.00= $222.00 $145.00
 1,000 $153.00 + $105.00= $258.00 $290.00
 $205.00 + $145.00=
 $350.00 $580.00
 2,500 $237.00 + $165.00= $402.00 $725.00
 5,000 $342.00 + $265.00= $607.00 $1450.00
 10,000 $575.00 + $465.00= $1040.00 $2900.00

8.5" x 5.5" Postcards: Card Stock (14pt C2S), Full Color 2 Sides
8.5" x 5.5" Postcard Printing
Full Color Both Sides
+Mailing Services
 =Combined Print & Mail Price
Standard Postage
 + $75.00= $201.00 $72.50
 500 $132.00 +$85.00
= $217.00 $145.00
 1,000 $153.00 + $105.00= $258.00 $290.00
 $208.00 + $145.00=
 $353.00 $580.00
 2,500 $237.00 + $165.00= $402.00 $725.00
 5,000 $342.00 + $265.00= $607.00 $1450.00
 10,000 $555.00 + $465.00= $1020.00 $2900.00

4" x 9" Postcards: Card Stock (14pt C2S), Full Color 2 Sides
4" x 9" Postcard Printing
Full Color Both Sides
+Mailing Services
 =Combined Print & Mail Price
Standard Postage
 + $75.00=$189.00
 500 $119.00 + $85.00= $204.00 $145.00
 1,000 $138.00 + $105.00= $243.00 $290.00
 $188.00 + $145.00=
 $333.00 $580.00
 2,500 $214.00 + $165.00= $379.00 $725.00
 5,000 $308.00 + $265.00= $573.00 $1450.00
 10,000 $500.00 + $465.00= $965.00 $2900.00

6" x 9" Postcards: Card Stock (14pt C2S), Full Color 2 Sides
6" x 9" Postcard Printing
Full Color Both Sides
+Mailing Services
 =Combined Print & Mail Price
Standard Postage
 250 $139.00 + $75.00= $214.00 $72.50
 500 $158.00 + $85.00= $243.00 $145.00
 1,000 $193.00 + $105.00= $298.00 $290.00
 $242.00 + $145.00=
 $387.00 $580.00
 2,500 $262.00 + $165.00= $427.00 $725.00
 5,000 $419.00
 + $265.00= $684.00 $1450.00
 10,000 $718.00 + $465.00= $1183.00 $2900.00

6" x 11" Postcards: Card Stock (14pt C2S), Full Color 2 Sides
6" x 11" Postcard Printing
Full Color Both Sides
+Mailing Services
 =Combined Print & Mail Price
Standard Postage
 + $75.00= $244.00 $72.50
 500 $192.00 + $85.00= $277.00 $145.00
 1,000 $234.00 + $105.00= $339.00 $290.00
 $294.00 + $145.00=
 $439.00 $580.00
 2,500 $312.00 + $165.00= $477.00 $725.00
 5,000 $509.00 + $265.00= $774.00 $1450.00
 10,000 $872.00 + $465.00= $1337.00 $2900.00

Postage Classes
 First Class Mail
Standard Class Mail
Mail Transit Time (time from drop-off at Post Office until it reaches mailing address)
1-3 business days2-9 business days (no guaranteed time)
Return Service
Must have return address with zip code.  If items are undeliverable, you will receive returned items to your return address. You will NOT receive undeliverable mailers back to the return address.
 QuantityMinimum of 500 pieces
Minimum of 200 pieces

Postage Rates

Regular Postcard
Sizes 3.5x5, 4x6
Requirements: finished size from 3.5x5 up to 4.25x6, machinable and weight of 3.3 oz or less

Type of Postage
 Postage Price
First Class Presorted Automation
 $0.229 - $0.255
First Class Presorted Non-Automation
First Class Less than 500 Min. Qty

JUMBO POSTCARDS – 8.5×5.5 – 6×9 – 6×11
Trifold Brochures & #10 and #9 Envelopes
over 4.25x6 up to 6.125x11.5 finished size
Type of Postage
 Postage Price
 First Class- Presorted Automation
 First Class- Presorted Non-Automation
 First Class- Less than 500 pieces
 Standard- Presorted Automation
 $0.242 - $0.278
 Standard- Presorted Non-Automation
 $0.265 - $0.281
 Non-Profit- Presorted Automation
 $0.130 - $0.166
 Non-Profit- Presorted Non-Automation
 $0.156 - $0.172

Oversized Postcards - 8.5x11, 6.5x11
Newsletters- 11x17 folded in half to 8.5x11
Large Envelopes - 9x12, 10x13

Type of Postage
Postage Price
 First Class- 1 oz. Presorted Automation
 $0.40 - $0.73
 First Class- 1 oz. Presorted Non-Automation
 First Class- 1 oz. Less than 500 pieces
 First Class- 2 oz. Presorted Automation
 $0.57 - $0.90
 First Class - 2 oz. Presorted Non-Automation
 First Class- 2 oz. Less than 500 pieces
 Standard- Presorted Automation
 $0.353 - $0.504
 Standard- Presorted Non-Automation
 $0.388 - $0.561
 Non-Profit- Presorted Automation
 $0.214 - $0.356
 Non-Profit- Presorted Non-Automation
 $0.251 - $0.413

Postage rates should be paid by check or by bank deposit online because we do not profit from the postage fees.  If paid with a credit card, there will be a 3% merchant fee added.

Using our specialized mailing software, we group the mail by zip code by USPS standards, and all of the pieces going to the same destination are grouped together in the same bundle or tray.  The leftover mail pieces are combined together.
Automation:  we print the barcodes on each printed piece to tell the post office where to deliver your mail.  The Postal Office uses automated equipment that reads the bar codes to process and sort mail, saving them time and costing the customer less money on postage.

How can you make your direct mailing piece appeal to and attract your audience?
  • Have a professional graphic designer create the design.  Don't speed a ton on direct mail to send people a dinky impression of yourself or your company.  Make your offer stand out with color and size.  Make the most important key points bigger.
  • Write an attractive promotion or offer to grab attention and build interest and build credibility for your organization
  • Target the correct audience.  Determine the demographics of the audience you want to reach (age, income, profession, etc). with this promotion or offer and tailor the written content as well as the graphic design to them.
  • Track the effectiveness of the promotion.  Provide a specific promotion code or ask people to bring in the ad to receive the offer.